We have decided to offer free weekly video lectures to further our mission of creating professional, cultural and educational experiences that continue to connect Orange County and international leaders. We hope that with these weekly video lectures that everyone can continue to pursue our mission by continuously educating themselves and spreading our message.

  1. Migration: A Historical Perspective: Richard Evans discusses the repeated experiences of forced population exchanges, flight, and ethnic cleansing in Europe in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. 
  2. US Foreign Policy from the Inside Out: Samantha Power reflects on a question that she increasingly gets, which is, what was it like, as a woman, doing foreign policy in the US government and at the United Nations?
  3. Sea Level Rising: Dr. Elizabeth Mendenhall presents on the disconnect between mostly-unchanged international law of the sea and the fundamental changes in the oceans and coastlines, especially in the case of sea level rising.
  4. UN Sustainable Development Goals: Professor Peter Higgins and Professor Charles Hopkins deliver a lecture at the University of Edinburgh on the United Nations goals on sustainable development. They acknowledge the exponential change the world has undergone in the past few decades, mostly in population growth, migration and environmental deterioration. The goals are mainly focused on education and creating an emphasis around learning for sustainability.
  5. Coronavirus: Confirmed Global Cases passes 1 million: The BBC reports on the impacts of the coronavirus as more than a million cases of coronavirus have been registered globally. The pandemic is taking a huge economic toll across the globe, with many registering for unemployment benefits.
  6. Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis: This documentary explains the economic patterns that the United States have been following which will undoubtedly result in the biggest financial crisis we have ever seen. Experts in the video dispel the effect that the tragedy of 9/11 had on our economy up until the recession of 2008 and dive further into the ripple effect that global governmental institutions had implemented since then.
  7. Sweden: Lessons for America?:  The one-hour documentary by Johan Norberg delves into the economic and social landscape of the Swedish scholar’s homeland. The lecture follows his journey through the history of Sweden’s economic rise, from one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the most prosperous. The program illuminates key ideas and enterprises that sparked the reform and continue to help Sweden maintain its lofty economic position, including freedom of the press, free trade, new technology companies, crazy jobs and even an old Swedish superhero.
  8. Global Trends in Health Systems Innovation: Anne Snowdon starts out by stating the current health trend of North America and the shifting consuming culture. Then she branches out and explains why health systems innovation is so crucial today and why it would be beneficial to all of us.
  9. Combating Disinformation: Learn to Discern: Dr. Kristin Lord, President and CEO of IREX, an international non-profit organization focused on education and development, will argue that at a time when the cost of producing disinformation is effectively zero, building citizen resilience to misinformation and disinformation must also be part of the solution.