June 2023: Putin’s Private Army: The Wagner Group’s Global Influence






May 2023: Doing Business with China–Managing Geopolitical Tensions






April 2023: The Powerhouse of Europe: Germany’s Renewed Political and Global Economic Influence






March 2023: US India Relations featuring Former US Ambassador to India, Kenneth Juster




March 2023: Putin’s Ukrainian Misadventure with Dr. William Pomeranz






February 2023: An Exclusive Interview and Q&A with Yusra Mardini





January 2023: Wine Tasting- California vs France

September 2019: Annual Trustee Luncheon

November 2019: “Saving Democracy From Russian Rage, Chinese Ambition, and American Complacency” A Dinner with Professor Larry Diamond

October 2019: A Conversation with Ben Rhodes, Former Deputy National Security Advisor

September 2019: Professor Gordon Hanson AGM