The World Affairs Council is governed by a 69-person Board of Trustees. Past Chairman who remain in good standing are also members of the Board of Trustees. Trustee Emeritus are long-time members of the Council awarded the title for their service and dedication to the mission of the World Affairs Council. The Board of Trustees comprises some of Orange County’s top business, academic, government, and social leaders. The Trustees in turn have designated an Executive Board to provide policy and operational direction for the Council’s programs, membership, fund-raising and financial affairs, and educational activities. These efforts are supported by four standing committees, drawn from the Trustees and the Council’s members.

William Edwards was nominated by the Board of Trustees and elected by the general members as Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board of the World Affairs Council of Orange County Chapter for 2022 – 2023. The primary function of the Board is to introduce Orange County to leaders of foreign countries and prominent national figures by facilitating dialogue between Orange County’s political and business leaders and these influential individuals through regular monthly meetings, seminars, lectures and presentations.

World Affairs Council of Orange County Trustee Emeritus 

Dr. Harry Sahota Mr. Hal Smith Mr. Errol Mathieu Theodore Wallace, Esq.


World Affairs Council of Orange County Ambassadors at Large

Amb. George Argyros Amb. John Malott Amb. Robert Tuttle Serge Tomassian, Esq.
Amb. Gaddi Vasquez Amb. Linn Williams    

World Affairs Council of Orange County Trustees

Class of 2023-2026

Class of 2022-2025

Class of 2021-2024

Gunjan Bagla Victoire Auguste-Dormeuil Cyrus Ameri
Dr. Lawrence “LB” Brown Susan Baaj Sajindra Gunawardane
Regina Campbell Craig Boardman Jayne Herring
Candace Chen Marco Carralero Dr. Mark Chapin Johnson
Ronak Desai Dr. Jeanett Castellanos Diane Kim
Tom Erspamer Dr. Gabriela Castaneda Dr. Karen Lincoln
Jon Gould Annie Chu Dr. Kyle Longley
Paul Hamilton Helen Haig James Mayer
Steven Kechician C. Bennett Jackson Jr.  Brett Mills
Yan Killy Mani Kang Rick Putnam
John Pierre Lafare Stacey Keeley Shezad Rokerya
Denise Mainero Isaiah Leslie Beatrice de Salles
Manuel Marquez Chris Lynch Alberto Sandoval
Liz Maxson Bobby McDonald Judge Tully Seymour (ret.)
Ryan Miller Hon. Fred Minagar Anita Sokolsky
Ken Petersen Dr. Kevin Moncrief Dr. Daniele Struppa
Robert Petrosyan Rima Nashashibi Lorelei Tanji
Neal Rickner Naseem Qader Rose Tsai
Congressman Harley Rouda Ryan Quirk Donna Gilbert Vann
David Smith Dave Rice Paul Vann
Shawn Collins David Shilling Fred Whitaker
Judge Nho Trong Nguyen Hon. Van Tran Tony Wang
Rick Muth Tim Welch