The World Affairs Council of Orange County presents the

The Art of Middle East Diplomacy:

A conversation with former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk

Monday, 31st  January, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. (PST)

Speaker Bio:

This fall, President Joe Biden went before the United Nations and declared the end of America’s forever wars in the Middle East. He announced, “we’re opening a new era of relentless diplomacy.”

For decades, diplomacy in the Middle East has proven to be an uphill — and often losing — battle for U.S. political leaders. Yet, issues in this region remain some of the most important international and domestic policy areas that politicians cannot avoid. What can our leaders learn from the past trials and tribulations of Middle Eastern diplomacy?

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk argues American political leaders can learn a lot from career-diplomat Henry Kissinger. Indyk’s newest work analyzes thousands of now declassified documents to posit Kissinger as a skilled statesman whose diplomatic strategy helped Israel in fundamental ways and ensured the nation’s survival. Join us for a conversation with Ambassador Indyk, moderated by Colonel Richard Downie, Ph.D. (USA Retired, USMA 1976) who has over 35 years of experience leading military, civilian government, and private sector organizations. Indyk will unpack his new book, “Master of the Game: Henry Kissinger and the Art of Middle East Diplomacy,” which explains Henry Kissinger’s role in shaping US-Israeli policy for decades. The discussion will also address the future of Israeli-Palestinian relations, US-Israeli- Palestinian relations, and what political advice Indyk’s historical analysis can provide to politicians in Washington and diplomats around the world.