Wednesday, June 24th at 11 AM PDT

Join the World Affairs Councils of Los Angeles and Orange County for a livestream event on:

The Institutional & Global Origins of Inequality on the African Continent.

As many Americans have been grappling with racism, police brutality, and systemic inequality domestically, this next livestream zooms out to interrogate racism and racial inequality globally, specifically towards African nations.

The discussion will focus on historic and contemporary examples of institutionalized racism towards the continent of Africa within global economic structures and business practices – as these are key modern drivers of anti-black racism and oppression, and what policies and guidelines governments, corporations and institutions can develop to address these inequalities and unfair practices and support a growing and thriving Africa. The conversation will be moderated by World Trade Center of Los Angeles president, Stephen Cheung.

The panelists will be taking questions from livestream participants during our audience Q&A. CLICK HERE to register.