World Affairs Council of Orange County Scholarship & Educational Outreach Endowment Fund



The World Affairs Council of Orange County (“WACOC”) is an independent, non-profit, 501.c.3, organization and is committed to the presentation of world and thought leaders on global issues to the local community of Orange County. In 1991, Admiral Howard Roop founded our scholarship and outreach program and since its inception WACOC has had the opportunity to provide further exposure on global issues to over 1200 students from Orange County. Our endowment fund has been established in memorial of Admiral Roop and provides members and friends opportunities to make charitable gifts to the WACOC that will become a source of long-term financial support for our educational outreach programs to students of Orange County.


WACOC holds, invests, and administers an endowment fund established to meet philanthropic scholarship and educational programs chosen by and administered by WACOC. It is a vehicle through which contributions, both large and small, can be built over time into a substantial pool of money to achieve public good for Orange County students that have continued interest in world affairs. Donations made to the Fund are put into an interest-bearing account where the principal will remain in perpetuity and where only the interest, up to 5% of the principal, will be used on an annual basis to fund activities defined under the Purpose of the Fund.


WACOC is an important resource to inform, educate, and involve student members of the community in international discussions. The primary purpose of the Fund shall be to enhance the quality of public and private education offered to Orange County students. Distributions from the Fund may be used, but are not limited to, funding special educational projects and programs, acquiring instructional equipment, paying for the costs for students to attend WACOC functions, support our annual academic competitions both locally and nationally, and issue scholarships for Orange County students.


The Board of Directors of the WACOC is accountable to the donors, members, and Board of Trustees of WACOC. As a 501.c.3 The Board of Directors is committed to honest, accurate record-keeping and transparent operations and reporting. The Board of Directors of the World Affairs Council of Orange County has final approval of the quantity of scholarships that will be issued and of the scholarship nominees. It is understood that scholarship recipients may not be members or family members of advisory committees or Foundation board members.